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Born 1983 in Japan

2006-2009 Tokyo National University of the Arts


Solo Exhibitions

The Resurrections, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2013

The Cracked Portraits, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2012


Group Exhibitions

Personal Structures, European Cultural Center, Palazzo Mora, Venice, Italy, 2017

The Collection, EMON PHOTO GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan, 2016

A City Without A Song, Averard Hotel, London, United Kingdom, 2016

Dedications and Declarations, Cognacq-Jay Museum, Paris, France, 2015

Picture Perfect, VIASATERNA, Milan, Italy, 2015

Frantic End of The Year Show, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2014

SHOWcabinet: Noritaka Tatehana, SHOWstudio ,London, United Kingdom, 2014

New Sensibilities in Sculpture and Painting, Yeo workshop Gillman Barracks, Singapore,2014

FRANTIC UNDERLINES, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2011

FRANTIC UNDERLINES, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2010

frantic drawings, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2009

My Favorite Things, Frantic Gallery&unseal cotemporary Joint Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan, 2009

Archives, Shinwa Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan, 2009

Graduated Works Exhibition of Tokyo National University of the Arts, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan, 2009


Art Fairs
PULSE Miami Beach, Miami, USA, 2017

PULSE Miami Beach, Miami, USA, 2016

POSITIONS BERLIN, Berlin, Germany, 2016

CONTEXT NY, New York, USA, 2016

YIA Brussels Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium, 2016

aqua art miami, Miami, USA, 2015

POSITIONS BERLIN, Berlin, Germany, 2015

OFF-BRUSSELS, Brussels, Belgium, 2014

cutlog Paris, Paris, France, 2013

SCOPE Art Show, Basel, Switzerland, 2013

SHContemporary, Shanghai, China, 2011

SHContemporary, Shanghai, China, 2010

ULTRA002, Spiral Garden, Tokyo, Japan, 2009




Edited by Evan Pricco

Gingko Press,Inc.2014

Taisuke Mohri,p.136-143


Online Catalogue
Taisuke Mohri's "The Mirror" at "Personal Structures" Exhibition

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